Do I have to pay a fee to use JIJ for my new job?

  • All services are free of charge.

My membership registration cannot be confirmed.

  • In that case, your registration was not updated earlier .
    Hence, kindly register from the beginning and wait for our confirmation email.
    "Thank you for registering with Jobs in Japan."

What will I be able to do when I register as a member?

  • The following tools and services are available for free
    1) Special Search Criteria/Engine registration ⇒ Hassle free search option
    2) Create your profile ⇒ You can apply for jobs anytime by registering and updating your profile with your latest information.
    3) You will receive notification in your profile when you have enabled notification option. Example, you will have notification if there's any companies that have seen you. You might get approached by companies just by updating your profile here.
    4) "Interested" ⇒ Let the company know you're interested in the position by saying "I'm interested".
    5) 'Mail Magazine' ⇒ You will be notified by e-mail of new arrivals, special features and other job information.

I forgot my user ID.

  • Your user ID is the email address to which JIJ sends notifications and newsletters. Kindly check there.

I have forgotten my password.

  • You need to reissue your password. Please go to the following page and enter your email address (ID) and follow the instructions to reset your password.

How can I change my registered email address?

  • On the “My page” there is an edit button for Profile.
    Click there and enter your preferred email address in the "Email Address (ID)" field and please note that if you change your email address, your user ID will also be changed when you log in.
    If you have registered more than one email address, please click on the "Registration Information" page.

I have accidentally applied for a job or "I'm interested" or "I'd like to hear about it", can I cancel my application?

  • Apologise and we regret to inform you that you cannot cancel your operation. If the company responds to your application, you may withdraw your application if necessary.

How much information do companies have access to when I apply for a job?

  • All companies that apply will have their "profiles" open to the public.

How will I be contacted after I applied for any job application?

  • You will only be contacted by a representative via email about the outcome of the selection process if you are selected.

The company has not contacted me after I applied.

  • "Typically, the screening process can take 1-2 weeks.
    We will send alerts to companies at the following intervals from the date of the message.
    Hence, when you apply for a job or send a message, kindly wait a while until you hear from the company you are applying to.

How do I withdraw from the selection process?

  • Please contact our representative to let us know that you are declining.

Who do I contact if I have urgent business and need to cancel an interview on the day of the interview?

  • Please contact your JIJ representative. In case of last minute communication, if you know the number, please call your JIJ representative directly. It is preferable to contact us to inform us on the cancellation.

    Please fill out your inquiry in as much detail as possible.
    We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and New Year's holidays. Please note that we may be delayed in replying to your inquiry."

Can I apply for a job that doesn't meet the requirements of the job description?

  • If you are interested, you may apply.

Do I have to meet with the companies that have nominated me?

  • You can decide at your discretion whether or not you want to meet with the companies you have been nominated for.
    If you want to meet with a nominated company, you can use the one that says "Accept" from the "Reply" option. Please choose."

What happens when you make an appeal?

  • Companies will be notified when you set up an appeal.
    If you set up an appeal to companies you are interested in during the event, you can use it as one of your appeals.

Can it be lower than the amount offered?

  • The 90% annual income rule.
    The offer is less than 90% of the annual salary quoted on JIJ at the time of offer, and I can't do that.
    (As long as the annual salary offered at the time of the offer is higher than the annual salary offered at the time of the offer, there is no problem.
    The above 90% rule will be applied to the annual income offered at the time of offer at the time of the user's acceptance."

What is an offered annual income?"

  • An offered annual income
    The annual salary offered is the amount of income that companies using the JIJ offer in the "offer at the time of offer" on the JIJ. The "offered annual salary" and the "offered annual salary at the time of the job offer" are individually and concretely presented by the company using the job as working conditions. You must be able to make an unconditional promise of payment at the time of your job offer.
    Exceptionally, fixed and theoretical bonuses may be included in the annual salary measure
    * It must be clearly stated in the job posting that the bonus is "included" or "not included"."

If the FAQ doesn't solve the problem, please see the "FAQ doesn't solve the problem" section. For more information, kindly contact : fatin.amelia@ud-intl.com.

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